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Dental Clinic Hungary: How Much Does It Cost?

More and more people are choosing to do their dental care in Hungary, about 25000 for the year 2015. Hungary is the number 1 destination in Europe for so-called ”  dental tourism.” The proximity of this country with France, the attractive prices of accommodation and air tickets, the quality and the amount of dental care, make Hungary a destination of choice for those who can not make their way. Care properly.

Indeed, the prices of dental care in France are very high and are not within reach of everyone. Choosing the dental clinic option Hungary is, therefore, an ideal solution. Here is everything that you need to know about dental tourism in Hungary.

Dental Treatments Performed In Hungary

Regarding medical tourism, Hungary is a European country that stands out the most. The dental clinics in this country are modern and equipped with very innovative medical equipment and state – of – the – art technologies. Besides, the medical teams speak several languages and are welcoming and experienced

As for the quality of care in these clinics, it is irreproachable. Indeed, most Hungarian dentists have studied in Europe or the United States. All types of dental treatments are performed by Hungarian dental clinics, except orthodontics, which requires extensive consultation and regular follow-up. Here is the principal cares did in dental clinics in Hungary :

  • Dental Surgery: it concerns both simple surgery and advanced surgery. This ranges from simple tooth extraction, sophisticated or straightforward implantation, to bone grafting.
  • The Prosthesis: all types of prostheses are placed, whether it is fixed or removable prosthesis. These include crowns, full dental appliances, bridges, etc.
  • Conservative Care: Conservative care refers to scaling, polishing, bleaching, revitalization, and all treatments related to the preservation and aesthetics of teeth.

What Are The Prices Of Dental Clinics In Hungary?

The rates of dental treatment in Hungary are significantly lower than those in France. This is due in particular to the prices of rents, which are lower than in France, regarding wages, supplier tariffs and the tax system in force in the country.

A dental implant in Hungary costs about 600 euros in Hungary, against 1200 euros in France, a saving of 50%. For a ceramic crown, it takes 650 euros in France, while in Hungary this treatment is practiced for 220 euros on average.